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Jan 2021
Private Flu Vaccinations
As from Friday 15th January we are able to offer private flu vaccinations - please ring us to secure your vaccine
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Jan 2021
Flu vaccines for 50-64 yr age group
We are having our next allocation of Flu vaccines for people aged 50 - 64yrs - contact us if you need one
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Nov 2020
Prescription Timescales
Now that the electronic prescription process has arrived there will be a change in timescale in ordering and collection of prescriptions. Due to prescription volumes, Two working days are required for the surgery issuing prescriptions and another 2 working days for assembly of Repeat prescriptions. Emergency and Acute prescriptions will be dealt with immediately.
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Nov 2020
Electronic Switchover
The Surgery will switch on their Electronic prescription system on November 12th so nominate us as your chosen Pharmacy if you want to get your prescriptions from us
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Nov 2020
COVID restrictions
Due to the levels of COViD in Eccleshall we are only allowing one person at a time in the Pharmacy at a time, in order to protect the staff.
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Oct 2020
Electronic Prescriptions
Electronic prescription should be possible from Mid-November hopefully. Prescriptions will be automatically sent to the Pharmacy of your choice so if you want to collect your prescription from us you'll need to nominate us as your preferred collection point. You can do this either by telling us when you're in the Pharmacy or by filling out a nomination form also available in the Pharmacy. Each person has to fill a nomination themselves (Children and elderly can delegate this to others).
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Oct 2020
Prescription collection
The Surgery and Pharmacy have agreed a process whereby if patients want their prescription collected and dispensed ready for collection, then you must contact the Pharmacy and we can arrange for this to happen. This is to bridge the gap until Prescriptions are sent electronically to us (November hopefully). The whole process will take a little longer than just producing prescription forms so allow an extra day or two for repeats.
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Aug 2020
Influenza Vaccinations 2020/21
We are now taking bookings for the upcoming Flu season - these will usually be on an appointment basis.People who are entitled to a free NHS vaccination will still be free however you can still get a Private Flu vaccination - please call to secure your place for either. Please note that although the range of people entitled to a vaccination free has been extended, the 50-64yr old group are to be vaccinated later in the season (probably November onwards), unless they are deemed to be "At Risk" catagory.
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Sep 2019
Seasonal Flu Vaccination 2019/20
This year all NHS and Private Flu jabs will be the ones recommended by The World Health Organisation protecting against strains of Influenza A and B and some sub-groups. Those eligible to have NHS vaccinations are FREE.
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Sep 2016
Influenza Vaccine 2017 season
Just as last year these are now available on demand. If you normally receive one free each year , you can get a free one from us too.
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Jan 2016
Cuts in Pharmacy funding
On 17th December the Department of Health wrote to national Pharmacy Organisations to impose a 6% cut in pharmacy funding. Pharmacy provides a crucial network, highly valued by patients, that makes huge differences to their health. NHS services are under strain and pharmacy can only help if the...
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Dec 2015
Opening hours 2015
We are open during the holiday period at the following times: Christmas Day - closed Saturday 26th December - 9am - 12.30pm Sunday 27th - closed Bank Holiday Monday - closed Tuesday 29th - Normal hours New Years Eve - 9am - 1pm 2 - 6pm New Year's Day - closed Saturday 2nd Jan - 9am -...
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Jul 2015
Influenza vaccination 2016
If you normally get a free Season Flu vaccination from your GP , you can get the vaccination here free at a time that suits you. The vaccines are expected early in September. This is all part of the NHS attempt to increase the vaccine uptake. If you are not sure whether you can get one free then...
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